Visit of Cordova’s Main Library

I love a good library. When I was touring college campuses more than 20 years ago, the first building I’d explore was the library. I could deal with communal bathrooms and bad cafeteria food, but I was determined to find the college with the largest, brightest library. Although touring new libraries is exciting, I often find that I constantly return to my favorite branch of the Memphis library system. I have decided I need to BRANCH out (pun intended) and explore other branches of the Memphis Public Library system. I have even checked out the libraries of other towns in our county. I’m looking forward to sharing some photographs and information about some of the libraries I’ve discovered.
In front of the Cordova Library there are several benches available to sit and read or wait on a ride. The sign, marking it a Safe Place for children, is visible on the front door. Once inside, the first thing that catches one’s eye is a large wooden sculpture of an open book with characters gathered around it. On the open pages of the book, the artist carved inscriptions from middle schoolers’ sharing ideas about the power and magic of reading.
The library is a light-filled, open space that has been thoughtfully sectioned into quadrants for children, teens, adults, and research. A bank of computers section off a space to read or study from the majority of the fiction and non-fiction books.
Throughout the library, there are large wooden sculptures of people reading. Even on a weekday morning, the library was full of people reading, working, and studying. The space is important and necessary.