Markus Zusak Visits Memphis

“I want to see visions when I read. I want to see visions when I write too.” Markus Zusak

This was one of my favorite quotes from Markus Zusak during his talk in Memphis this fall.

During this talk I sat between two of my former students and was charmed by Zusak’s seemingly rambling stories that always ended with thoughtful and poignant endings. I was equally amazed by the length he took in answering each question asked — both during the lecture and while he was signing books.

When it was my turn to speak to Zusak, I explained to him that I’d bought a book for my daughter. Since I’d heard him say he liked Johnny Cash better than Elvis to someone before me in line, I offered up that my daughter also was a Johnny Cash fan. He shared that his mom loves Cash as well and wants a Johnny Cash song played at her funeral. He was an easy-going guy who signed his name with his right hand and drew with his left. (Apparently an art teacher suggested he draw with his non-dominate hand.)